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The word Retrouvai is an adaptation of the french word “Retrouvailles” which translates to ‘the joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation’. We are passionate about making that someone yourself.

When Dr. Rackham opened Retrouvai Wellness, she aimed to create a safe-space where women could be seen and heard. To be frank, women are under served in our health care system and comparatively, little research has been done about the complex female body. We are left confused, clueless, and dismissed when it comes to symptoms many women experience.

Retrouvai Wellness is a holistic health and Chiropractic practice specializing in elevating women’s wellness through natural means. We understand that the symptoms you are experiencing is simply your body talking to you, and that you are NOT broken. We help you interpret this foreign language your body speaks and correct your health concerns through diet and lifestyle changes. Armed with the knowledge and strength to be your own advocate, you can take your health into your own hands. We want to reunite you with the healthiest version of yourself!