Mothers Matter: Healthy Mothers Raise Healthy Babies

Having dealt with her own health and breastfeeding struggles as a new mother, Dr. Rackham has developed an innovative and one-of-a-kind program that optimizes the health mothers in the postpartum period. Pregnancy requires a HUGE amount of resources and energy from the mother. If the mother then chooses to breastfeed, there is even more of a nutrient and metabolic demand on her body. Many mothers (new or not) feel fatigued, worn down, struggle to lose weight, and have a feeling losing her sense of self. These symptoms typically increase with each baby, as the nutrient stores of the mother become increasingly more depleted. We brush off our symptoms as “normal” and continue to push through our daily lives, often at the expense of our health. Mothers Matter seeks to find the root cause of these symptoms that often go unaddressed postpartum. Our goal is to restore her nutrients, reduce/remove damaging inflammatory compounds, and ensure her body has all the right building blocks to keep her body healthy. Mothers Matter is for ALL mothers at any stage, and breastfeeding mothers will have the added benefit of breast milk analysis, to ensure baby is also getting all the nutrients he/she needs. The health of our mothers is the foundation of our society. When we support, encourage, and provide individualized care to these women, entire family units benefit. Women in our Mothers Matter program are taught to tune into their bodies and understand the language of symptoms. They are seen, heard, and are given confidence in their bodies and their health!

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Breast Milk Analysis

Breast milk composition is constantly changing. With the help of our friends at Lactation Lab, we will test your breast milk for nutrients, vitamins, and environmental toxins at regular intervals throughout your breastfeeding journey in an effort to achieve the highest quality food for your little one.

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Comprehensive Wellness Blood Work

Like we said, Mothers Matter. We provide cutting edge and comprehensive blood work for the mother to evaluate her prenatal and/or postpartum health. For breastfeeding mothers, we can then compare these results to the breast milk analysis, which allows us to see where the mother’s nutrients are going and in what quantities.

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Diet, Lifestyle, Supplementation

After breast milk analysis and/or the mother’s blood work has been completed, we guide you through a nutritional and lifestyle program that is catered to you and your baby’s individual needs. Not only will you be the healthiest “you” you can be, but you will have the added security of knowing that improving your health boosts the health of your entire family!